Thinking About Prevailing Wage Retirement Plan

Thinking about it now, have you already thought about your OWN retirement plan? Is it something that you like to think about and look forward to? Or does it depress you because it solely focuses on the fact that you are in fact getting too old to work and now have to rest your ass down? Either way, we till have to plan this just in case. Think about the prevailing wage retirement plan.

We all are going to die someday so why not make the most of our lives before that happens, huh? Before God finally takes u back, we have to enjoy life to the fullest when we have nothing else to lose anymore, right? And that is only natural that the retirement plans are there for it.

This is also to reward the people who worked for many years of their lives. Think of it thanks for the service and employment that has happened. And if not for this then we would not be looking forward to actually finally quitting the job we have been doing for many years.

This will be revered to like thanks to us and our service to the country we live in and the company we worked at. If you want to be living an easy life as soon as you are done with your job for good, you better plan for whatever you want to happen when you retire.

Maybe you could go to a beautiful island with your loved one and stay there until you think it is deemed allowed to come back? In our case, we kind of want to relive our childhood dream. Back when we were kids we once wanted to go to the Bermuda Triangle-based purely on our curiosity.

Seriously, what is going on there? why are people disappearing and why can we not get them back? And why are we not able to contact anyone there? it is our undying curiosity that makes us want to get here once we are old enough to actually be able to lose what we can.

We do not particularly care what happens to us as long as we know what is actually going on there. Maybe we would be able to find a different portal to another world? Or maybe it actually is the black hole that is situated here on our planet? Who knows?

As long as we can get there and find out what is actually is, we would be able to sate ourselves as to what happens afterward. Maybe we would die during that type of trip but we do not think we would mind.

Who would we bring, though? Maybe a close friend with the same curiosity and the same type of waning sanity that tells us they are willing to let go of everything they want to lose. It would be fun to have another insane person with us and willing to just let everything go. And if they do not want to come then we could just on our own of course.

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