The Beauty Of Timber Framed Conservatories

Each year many homeowners make the decision to build a conservatory onto their home. In the main, they make a choice between uPVC, aluminum and timber-framed conservatories.

There are various reasons why you could pick one of these types over the other, and all of them would make a splendid and energy-efficient addition to your residence. You can also get the best timber frames and trusses by browsing to

What is the main attraction of a timber conservatory? Many of the people that have chosen to build one of these conservatories speak of the beauty of the timber in their sunroom.

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As a material that is organic, you cannot get two timber structures that are the same. When you consider that you can also personalize a conservatory with cornices, architraves, wood paneling and other features, you will see that it is quite a simple project to make a conservatory personalized and bespoke.

Will a timber frame conservatory need a lot of maintenance. Given that you will be building a conservatory that comprises an organic material, there will be a certain maintenance program that will be required more than if you were building using uPVC or aluminum.

However in a quality timber structure, the timbers will all be treated before they are erected and given that modern paints and stains are very advanced in their composition, further treatment need not be too frequent.

Remember also that an advantage of timber-framed conservatories over other types of structures is that you can change the color of your timber if you require a different or a fresh look in the future.