Reasons Why You Must Free-Up Navigation In eLearning

Technology is changing at an exponential rate. Think just about the past year or so: mobile devices now outnumber people, online entertainment is rapidly eclipsing television watching, and you no longer have to leave your house to earn a degree.

Navigation is definitely a critical element of eLearning. Good navigation allows independent learning, enabling learners to explore and read the content that is most relevant to their needs. You can also get professional learning solutions online.

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Here are some good explanations for why open navigation of your eLearning course is a great strategy to keep learners engaged and motivated you:

Quite simply, the more limited you create a course, the more opportunities you have to escape and frustrate learners. And you know what happens when there is frustration? You generate resistance and unresponsiveness.

Think about it: if the students are forced to read every single screen in the course, including those covering the information that they already know, they may get bored and annoyed and leave. In other words, you are wasting their time.

This proves that the adult learner refused to learn when they feel the information and actions that are being imposed on them. You might think that if you do not block navigation students will simply clicking until the end of the session without actually learning the information.