Pool Winter Cover – The Lazy Pool Owner’s Guide

It is important to use the swimming pool in the winter bay. This includes devices that are applied to protect the pool against debris and other elements brought about by winter.

It also helps to preserve and clean the water. Cover them during the off-season Extend the life of your recreation facilities. In addition, the closure will allow you to use them when spring comes. If you are looking for automatic retractable pool covers system then you are at right place.

Here are four steps in closing the pool area perfect for lazy owners like you or let's just say the people who do not have much time:

Step 1: Clean

Clean the area to swim and decks. If you have a swimming pool clean, just keep it in your storage. Use an automatic swimming pool vacuum so you won't do any hard work.

Carefully brush the walls and decks. Use a skimmer net to catch and remove floating debris in your pool water. If you have any pool skimmer basket, throw away all the debris collected inside.

Step 2: Apply

Getting the number of some of the water from the pool area and have it checked by a professional pool. Testing water alone can aggravate it for you, so let the pool of smart people doing water tests.

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If the water is not balanced, it is time to use the winterizing chemicals. Applying chemicals and follow the level of concentration required. If you can not do, hire a professional. After applying the chemicals, run your pump for two days.

Step 3: Drain

Lowering your water level. Make sure the water was 6 inches below the skimmer you. Skimmer drain prevents you from freezing water.

After draining, cleaning your pool filtration system. If your filter has been used for six months or more, replace it immediately.

Step 4: Cover

Put winter pool cover you in the pool. Make sure the cover you have enough space on the side. Using the water tube to secure the cover in place. You may also like to put water on the surface. Water will give weight on the cover.

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