Importance of Pashmina Scarves

Scarves have always been in fashion and will remain so. Pashmina is one of the most famous scarves that are sold today. The raw material for pashmina is extracted from the pashmina goats that are abundantly found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, etc.

It is almost as same as cashmere which is also made from goat fur. The basic difference is the length of fibers. The fibers used for making pashmina are very fine and thin, which makes it one of the softest scarves.

Soft and lightweight, these can be worn both as a scarf and dupatta. Since the 1990s demand for pashmina scarves has been gradually increasing. If you are looking for Pashmina scarves, you can also visit

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But the pashmina that is sold today is not pure pashmina but is an amalgamation of silk and pashmina. A ratio of 70% pashmina and 30% silk. This makes the fabric to be more tolerant of tension.

The scarves are known by various names, for example, the Hindi word is Dupatta, French word is foulard and many more. The French word means neckties or scarves.

Foulards are mainly available in silk materials and can be used as decorative wall covering also. These wholesale women fashion scarves can be worn in many ways to spice up any look.