Plan to Travel the Globe Post Retirement


Many people wait for their retirement longingly to enjoy the scores of exciting plans they have made for this time. Retirement is the end of playing an eventful century at the end of which you deserve applause and vacation. It is the best occasion to grab your partners hand and set off to your favorite country in the world for at least a month. After all, you have been working hard and saving for so many years for others, why not drawn some advantage for yourself.

Hill stations and beaches are common sites where older people like to flock. The reason is the terrain is predictable and weather remains moderate and steady most of the time, unless there is a special warning. A post retirement vacation should be carefully planned. It should not be brief and you must make sure that you find it comfortable throughout. One of the goals of such a getaway should be to unwind and do away with the fatigue and stress of all the past work life years. Another could be to mingle with new people. Many of us have forgotten how to socialise by the fifth year of our professional life. we only realize what we have missed when we finally get a chance to attend a random festival once in a while.

Staying at a hotel may be comfortable but finding a hostel for over 50 can actually give 5 stars to your socialising goals. A longer vacation is better spent at a hostel than a hotel. Firstly, hostels are not too costly. If you prefer privacy and not a bunk bed, you can book yourself a private room.

Hostels in Thailand have something for all age bands. You can find one that fits your requirements too.

Best Things to Do During Summer in Australia for Couples


While traveling to any country, majority of the world prefer to travel when during the winter when the weather is cold and peaceful. However, not many know that Australia is one of the hottest countries in the world during the summer yet an awesome one indeed. Couples can easily have a great time while traveling here during the summer by experiencing these things.

  1. Dolphin Ride in Byron Bay via Mechanically – The mechanical dolphin ride is one of the best rides for couples to experience while beating the heat of Australia. Made in the shape of a dolphin, this ride lets you experience traveling underwater at a speed of maximum 22kph. As you travel underwater on this ride, you are bound to witness beautiful marine species and corals.
  2. Swimming at Brisbane Artificially – Perfect for those who wish to swim indoors surrounded by creeks, white sands and tropical garden. This is the perfect activity for couples to become lazy and admire the weather.
  3. Sydney Harbor Bridge via Scaling – The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the iconic landmark of Australia that offers stunning panoramic views of the city. Couples can take the opportunity to click some awesome pictures together.
  4. Rock Music Festival –if you and your partner are fans of American Western and Country Music, then visit the Tamworth Music Festival in Australia. Considered to be amongst the top 10 music festivals in the world, you are bound to have a great time.

Australia truly is one of the most unique honeymoon destinations in the world.

Points to Remember Before You Book the Luxury Condominium

Nothing makes a vacation more satisfying than knowing you get everything you want at a fair price and that everyone goes home happy. That doesn't happen often, but lately, it has happened more thanks to the new kids in the hotel industry block — luxury condos.

Over the years, we have been doing hotel work, and for us of certain ages, motels and highways are a way of life on family vacations. Nowadays, luxury condos make travel even more enjoyable. If you want to get the best luxury condo for your next vacations then you can visit

When it comes to traveling, it used to be about the destination, but now the focus is on the whole trip, and this includes where you live.  

This is a reasonable question because much of your vacation planning is about saving money where you can so that you can make the experience truly make a hit. Plus, travel experts unanimously agree that the more you enjoy your stay, the better your trip will be in the long run.

You can "go home" to a place that allows you to refill before the next day. That is something that most vacation planning is never a factor in, and as a result, the whole trip can suffer.

 Budget Options The term 'luxury' automatically makes some people think about costs, but you will be surprised how financially accessible some of these luxury condos actually are. It's all about knowing what facilities are needed for you.

Flexible Layout Unlike many hotels that have one basic layout, luxury condos give you several more options. This is great if you are traveling with children or making it a multi-family or multi-generation trip.

Tips on Writing Wine Tasting Notes


Traditional wine tasting notes allowed people to buy wine according to their taste buds. Thus, allowing people not to make a mistake in purchasing the wrong wine. However, modern wine tasting notes allow people to rate a particular wine depending on how they feel about that particular wine. If you wish to write a few notes about wine, then these are a few helpful tips.

1. The Aroma – There are 3 types of aromas when it comes to wine.

  1. Primary Aroma – Primary aroma focuses more on the grape type and the region it is grown.
  2. Secondary Aroma –Secondary aroma focuses more how the wine feels on the tongue from light, medium to heavy.
  3. Tertiary Aroma –Tertiary aroma is more focused on old wines stored in an oak barrel.

2. Body, Tannin and Acidity –

  1. Body – Body tasting of a wine is based on the weight inside the mouth. It can be light, medium or heavy.
  2. Tannin – The texture of a wine defines the tannin. For instance; check whether the wine forces the lips to stick to the teeth or the mouth consisting of tiny prickles is best described for tannin.
  3. Acidity –When it comes to describing acidity, high-acidic wine has lemon feeling while low-acidic wine has watermelon feeling. It is important not to get confused while describing the acidity of the wine as many beginners tend to make mistake when it comes to defining acidity.

These are the tips when it comes to writing down those important wine tasting notes. You may also want to visit wine tours in Perth to learn more about wine.

Tips to make new friends while traveling alone


We love having a great company wherever we travel, don’t we? The time we get to spend, the activities we get to do, there are so many wonderful things we can cherish when we have the people we love by our side. But solo travelers too can get to have a lot of fun. These are some of the tips to meet new people and bond well with them during your time while traveling.

  1. While Traveling –If you’re traveling a journey consisting of roughly 10 hours via flight, bus or train, then this is the perfect time to speak to your fellow passengers. This will ensure your boring journey time flies by and you end making a friend.
  2. By Doing Various Activities and Trips –If you happen to make a friend during your journey, then you can actually think on doing activities and trips together. You can ask them about what activities they like doing such as bungee jumping, kayaking etc, and then accordingly make plans.
  3. By Hanging out at Hostel Bars –Hostels have bars consisting of happy hours. This allows travelers to come together at the bar, enjoy their favorite drinks and make new friends. You should try giving this a go because the travelers living in hostels are known to be very friendly.
  4. By just Staying in Hostel Dorms – Hostel dorms is where travelers get to stay and relax. This is the perfect scenario to talk to them by asking simple questions such as ‘what is your name?’ or ‘where are you from?’. After that the flow goes smoothly.

These are some of the quickest ways of making while traveling alone. Make sure you stay at hostels in Thailand to meet and greet new people.